Jul 07
How to Store Beauty Products Correctly

How to Store Beauty Products Correctly

Not only how to use the product, you also need to know how to store the right beauty products so that they last longer. Because it's a shame if a beauty product that should still be used, becomes useless because you store it the wrong way. Here are some things to consider when storing your beauty products:


Avoid the Sun

If you regularly read the information on each skincare product, you will find this rule often. Storing the product in an area exposed to sunlight is not recommended. Even indirect sun exposure passing through the windows is also not allowed. In addition to making products exposed to light for a long time, high temperatures also make product quality decline, especially skincare products containing vitamin C, Retinol and Benzoyl Peroxide. If your room is prone to sun exposure, you should place your beauty products in a drawer, or a box with a lid. Meanwhile, when you want to travel and bring your beauty product, make sure you store it in a closed pouch to protect it from direct sunlight.


Don't Keep it in the Bathroom

The condition of the bathroom is humid and sometimes becomes hot when you use a water heater, so it is not appropriate to use it to store beauty products or perfumes. Humid and hot bathroom conditions will shorten the life of your beauty product. So if you want to put a beauty product storage box in the bathroom, it is not recommended. The most appropriate way is to place the storage box outside the bathroom, but in an easily accessible position, such as near the dressing table or bedside table.


Storing Beauty Products in the Refrigerator

For DIY skincare that is 100% organic and various products containing food and organic ingredients as the main ingredients need to be placed in the refrigerator. This can prevent mold from growing and prolong the life of your product. The point is that beauty products without preservatives or water based products are suitable to be placed in the refrigerator. In addition to adjusting the temperature, the refrigerator is the best place to block out sunlight. Face mask and eye cream products are also safe to put in the refrigerator. Even in cold conditions, this product can provide a cool effect, reduce redness on the face and relieve puffy eyes for eye cream. Most importantly, always make sure to know the content of each of your beauty products before storing them in the refrigerator.

Replace Product If Needed

Sometimes there are times when you want to move your beauty product to a more practical and efficient place. Moisturizing cream in the form of a jar without a spatula is of course more prone to invite bacteria because it is contaminated with your fingers every time you apply it. For skincare products without a spatula like this, you can also buy a spatula separately at accessory stores or buy it online. Other beauty products that feel less hygienic and tend to be wasteful if you use the default packaging, you can also change to a new place equipped with a pump or spray. Toner can be an attractive product to transfer to a smaller bottle on the go because you can control the amount of product released and spread more evenly on the skin.