Jun 24
Why Does Our Body Need Vitamin E So Much?

Why Our Body Really Needs Vitamin E?

Until now, there are still many people who feel they don't really need to take additional food supplements. Usually they think that vitamins alone are enough to be obtained through food in the form of vegetables and fruits that are consumed daily.

In fact, only 25% of the skin's needs can be fulfilled from the food you consume daily. For this reason, dietary supplements are needed to fill the nutrients the body needs that are not obtained from food.

One of the most needed by the body is vitamin E. according to health expert Dr. Sherly Indriani “Our skin consists of three layers; The top is the dermis, the middle is the epidermis, and the bottom is the hypodermis. Treatment products from outside are only able to treat the dermis, so the middle and bottom parts don't reach.”

So that the middle and lower layers of the skin are also well nourished, it takes vitamin E intake from within. You do this by consuming lots of foods that contain vitamin E and special supplements for vitamin E. We recommend that you consume enough vitamin E once a day with a dose of 100 IU. Your body actually needs as much as 120 IU of vitamin E. From food, our body only absorbs 10-12 IU. Therefore, a vitamin E supplement with a dose of 100 IU is needed to fill the nutritional gap needed.

Vitamin E itself has many benefits in addition to maintaining health and beauty, including:

  1. Healing Wounds
    The content of vitamin E can effectively heal various kinds of wounds, such as burns, scratches, and can completely remove scars.
  2. Overcoming Premature Aging
    The problem of premature aging that some women have at this time can be caused by many factors such as being too often in an air-conditioned room so that the skin becomes dry and causes wrinkles on the face. Then it could also be due to direct exposure to pollution and dust. Therefore, it is recommended to consume vitamin E every day to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face due to free radicals, as well as support the growth of new skin cells and accelerate cell regeneration.

  3. Overcoming Feminine Problems
    Vitamin E is also specifically beneficial for women such as preventing complications in pregnancy due to high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopausal syndrome, and preventing breast cancer.
  4. Thin the Blood
    One of the other functions of vitamin E is to thin the blood throughout the body so that it can prevent strokes or clots in the blood vessels. In other words, vitamin E can prevent hardening of the blood vessels, heart attacks, chest pain, leg pain due to blood vessel clots, and hypertension.

  5. Preventing Nerve and Brain Diseases
    The most vital benefit of vitamin E is being able to prevent and treat diseases of the brain and nervous system including Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Parkinson's, night cramps and epilepsy. Vitamin E can also be used for Huntington's chorea, another disorder involving the nerves and muscles.